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We offer you these services in the hopes of making your hike easier. Please be considerate of others & observe any rules or restrictions which are there to allow us to continue to serve all hikers as well as the general public. Thanks!!

1. Packages: We do accept & hold re-supply packages for hikers at no charge. Packages MUST be delivered via direct delivery service (UPS, Fed EX). 


We reserve the right to refuse packages sent through USPS.

Packages sent thru USPS, if accepted, will incur an extra $10 handling fee!

We will not hold packages in bags, buckets, unmarkable bins etc. Properly boxed only, that can be easily stacked, not crushable (not too big for what is inside) & critter secure. We are NOT a holding station, once you pick up your package we won't re-store it.

PO box 267, Killington, VT 05751 is acceptable for letters to be held.

Please do not send packages more than 2 weeks prior to your arrival. We hold 175+ packages per summer & have limited storage. Limit 2 packages per person & must not exceed 25 lbs.

Packages should be addressed:

Your REAL name and approx. arrival

c/o Inn at Long Trail

709 US Rte. 4

Killington, VT 05751

2. Laundry: We do have a coin-op laundry. $5 includes wash, dry, laundry soap, dryer sheet.

3. Lodging: We offer Thru & Section Hikers a discount (from May to mid-Sept) on a walk-in basis only (literally hike in). No reservations, 1st come 1st serve. If you would like to guarantee a room you may reserve at any time at the regular rate. Typically we have rooms available during the midweek (weekends we recommend a reservation). Please note: Room rates are determined by the number of people not the number of beds. Breakfast included in the morning. Use of beds & showers are for registered guests only.

4. Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the main building or by entrances & must be leashed at all times. There are a few spots to temporarily tie your dog outside. We have only 1 hiker with dog discount room available midweek (sun-thurs) but not weekends. For reservations please see our pet policy first.

5. Camping: Camping/cooking is not allowed on premises. We do however maintain an area across Rte 4 for hikers to pitch tents, especially when rooms are not available. This is free, 2 night max, but use of our public bathrooms as a clean up station is not acceptable. Campfires are not allowed.

Happy Trails,

The McGrath Family

Inn at Long Trail